MFI80 induction heating inverter 80kW       ONLY 600x600x800mm




Pipe Welder with customized setup ready for field



56″ Induction Blanket production and commisioning for Eugal Project Germany


26″ 1100mm Heating Lenght Clamp coil developed for FBE curing, suitable for inverter machines.Fully innovative design and lightweight materials.  Russian market destination



Stock of MFI Induction heating inverter, 80kW, fully made in Italy sent to Eugal Project Germany


Induction Heating power extension, innovative multicore technology, lightweight, flexible and with a better performance compared with all the other standard power extensions.






With over 20 years of experience, N.I.T. can adapt and setup your induction heating equipment from different brands in according to the project’s specifications. Our company is an hub of the induction heating.






Test and procedure for longitudinal welding pre-heating, accordingly with customer’s request

Induction Heating Treatment equipment sold and succesfully installed in one of the biggest italian industrial plant building

Heat Treatment procedure and services for ENEL Power plant Edoardo Amaldi locate in Castel San Giovanni Italy