Induction Heating

Induction Heating Generator For Field Joint Coating :

Induction heating technologies are increasingly required as part of the field joint coating process to raise the temperature of the pipeline surface for coating application.


 Why Induction Heating?

 Superior Repeatability

When induction is properly implemented into a process, you can count on the same result every time. A torch sometimes leads to inconsistent results and uneven heating, and the end product is only as good as the operator – if the operator moves on, quality issues may ensue.

  1. Faster Heating

Induction typically heats parts to temperature more rapidly than a torch, generating a superior production rate. 

  1. Process Safety

There is no open flame with induction, resulting in enhanced workplace safety. Additionally, it introduces less heat into the working environment, creating a better environment for workers.  

  1. Eliminating a Hydrogen Risk

One of the main quality challenges when using open flame for preheating pipe in the field is that a byproduct of the process introduces a hydrogen risk.

A byproduct of burning any fuel in flame heating is water vapor. The moisture in water vapor can be a source of hydrogen in the weld that could result in
hydrogen-induced cracking. Reducing the risk of trapping hydrogen in the weld is critical for achieving high-quality welds in pipeline applications.