N.I.T. is a newborn company founded by a team of engineers with more than 20 years of experience in induction heating process.

Our team is available for provide a full solution in pre-welding, field-joint coating, FBE application, facility induction plant, heat treatment for pipeline and industrial plant.

Thanks to our know-how and experience in different companies in the induction sector, we are proud to presents our products:


Induction Heating Equipment:

Datasheet Induction Generator 180 Deutz

Datasheet Induction Generator 180 Iveco

Datasheet Induction Generator 200 Iveco

Datasheet Induction Converter 180

Datasheet Hybrid Induction Inverter 160

Datasheet Inverter MFC 80kW

Datasheet Blanket

Datasheet Multicore power extensions


Heat Treatment Equipment:

HT Box description page

Datasheet HT Box



MagNit demagnetizer datasheet available soon!

Induction coils datasheet available soon!


Our production has a wide range of customizations.

In order to follow the market’s request, our products are in continuous development in order to meet the customer requests.

Feel free to contact our team for further details, technical or commercial request :