HT Box

HT Box

Compact Heat Treatment Machine



Arrayable Compact and portable machine for Heat Treatment

Technical Data
Input Voltage 380 VAC ÷ 440 VAC 3 Phase no neutral 50/60 Hz
Max Input Current 25 Amp
Input power Factor ≥ 0.9
Efficiency ≥ 95%
Output Power Kw 9 — 15
Frequency kHz 50 — 70
Max output voltage 48 to 80
Max Current 180 Amp
Operating Temperature -20°C / +40°C
Input probe Type K galvanically insulated
Storage Temperature -30°C / + 60°C
Cooling type Air Cooled, Water cooled on demand
Output Connectors Gifas, others on demand
Operator’s interface Operator’s panel,CAN-BUS, Ethernet or Wi-Fi
Weight and dimensions 24kg 250x400x550
Available Optionals External Digital 6/12 channels Thermocouple recorder

CAN-BUS and Ethernet Interface

Wi-Fi interface for Android and Apple devices


Very good volume/power ratio
Power output galvanically insulated
Guaranteed output power thanks to our rigorous test procedures
Can-Bus or Ethernet interconnection for master/slave control
Arrayable up to 32 device with 1 master and 31 slave
Customizable software for special applications
Customizable enclosures available for different environments or applications
24/7 Technical support

Revolutionary family of machines for heat treatment, portable, lightweigh, compact and arrayable.

Our main HT Box strengths :

N.I.T. team is available to support our customers with a complete hardware and software customizations.

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